Launching bespoke staff reintegration events

03 Mar 2021

It goes without saying that COVID 19 has had a massive impact on the whole world. Pretty much everyone has experienced an enormous upheaval in their lives – not least their working routines.

But now, with the vaccine being rolled out apace, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. At some point we will be expected to get back to work and start functioning - more or less as before - and this may not be as straight forward as we might like to think.


PURE Co‘s events have always been about building relationships and fostering productivity, and essentially this is what is needed to achieve a successful return to work strategy.

So we have been working hard to develop a range of reintegration events, specifically designed to get staff back into work and off to a flying start. Our PURE MOTIVATION events are all about re-connecting staff and re-invigorating their enthusiasm for and commitment to the business’s goals, values and ethos.


A mixture of team-building, motivational talks from guest speakers and thoroughly good fun – these events will positively encourage staff back to work, build confidence in safe face-to-face collaboration with colleagues and re-invigorate their enthusiasm and drive.

The potential benefits of this programme are many and far-reaching - improving staff’s well-being, loyalty and productivity and helping the business get back to optimal performance in record time.

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“The experience is what really matters and the feedback from customers is always very positive”

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“PURE Co have access to a number of sporting celebrities that we like, so we’ve also used them to book sports personalities to enhance events that we’re doing.”

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